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NVIDIA CEO shows off mystery tablet, makes zero statements about mystery tablet


You think maybe the cats at NVIDIA are a little hot to trot on the tablet concept? Not only did Mike Rayfield (the company’s general manger of its mobile division) spout off on a “3G capable touchpad” a few months ago, but CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has been spotted in Dubai with some seriously radical looking hardware. When we hit a post on Huang and his love for all things Apple earlier today, we somehow missed a pic of the CEO hanging tough with that handsome slab you see up above. We’re not going to speculate on what it all means, but from the looks of things, NVIDIA is trying to drum up hype around the concept of a Tegra-powered handheld that’s just a bit more sizable than your standard PMP. Of course, if you were hoping for more than a tease (like, you know, a partnership announcement or something), you can just keep on waiting.

Latest lower price for powerful PMP player itools M7HD


iToos M7HD with a 4.3-inch 16 million color HD TFT screen, support H.264 decoding and plays MKV,VOB,DAT,RM/RMVB,AVI,MOV,MPEG1/2/4,FLV videos. Common media formats, such as MP3,WMA,WAV,AAC,OGG,APE,FLAC,DTS,AMR,AC3, are also supported of course. They all offer HDMI output and support USB-HOST function that allows users to plug USB drive, camera, cellphone, PDA into the PMP.

Product page:


Samsung announces Bada mobile OS, SDK sets sail in December


Because what the world needs now is yet another mobile operating system, Samsung has announced its foray into the field with Bada. Not much to reveal at this point other than some key PR speak: the name means “ocean” in Korean, the company’s committed to “a variety of open platforms” in mobile industry and it plans this to be easy to integrate / customize based on carrier’s experience. All real news should be coming sometime in December, when Sammy is saying it’ll have a London launch event and reveal the SDK. Full presser after the break.

Zune HD v4.3 firmware out now: fixes playcount bug, adds lots of great things


Who says Microsoft ain’t lookin’ out for those who selected its Zune HD over something Designed In Cupertino? Just days after countless owners went berserk over a playcount syncing issue, Microsoft has released a new firmware update that not only solves that very quandary but also adds a gaggle of fantastic new and / or improved features. The v4.3 update is available now by selecting “Player Update” from within the device itself, and with it will come “support for upcoming 3d games and applications, as well as an auto-suggest feature for better text input, and other minor improvements.” We’re hearing that those “minor improvements” include a snappier browser, so it’s pretty safe to say you’re only harming yourself if you don’t get this download going right now.

Best Buy stocking Nokia’s Booklet 3G on November 15th


We knew good and well that Nokia’s Booklet 3G was coming to Best Buy sometime “during the holidays,” and now we’ve got something a bit more precise to share. Starting now, Reward Zone members can waltz into their local store and place a pre-order, while public availability is pegged for November 15th (though we already know that a select few have ‘em in stock). As we’d heard, the 2.76-pound, Atom-powered netbook will be sold for $299.99 with a 2-year AT&T data contract or $599.99 straight-up. Oh, and if you’re looking to get your order in early, we’d recommend printing out that image above just so you don’t baffle anyone with your otherworldly request.

Canon EOS 7D gets high marks all around


Canon’s EOS 7D is a pretty grandiose piece of image-recording equipment, whether you’re talking about its size, features or price. You’re probably aware of the 18 megapixel APS-C sensor and dual DIGIC 4 processors already, but we’ve all had to be a bit more patient than usual in waiting for the pro reviews to come out. Dpreview doesn’t disappoint though, with a thoughtful 31-page tome awaiting the keen reader, and we’ve also got more digestible video reviews from DPhoto Journal for the less patient among you. If you’re after direct comparisons against competing models, such as the Nikon D300s, you’ll find those sprinkled in among the reviews as well, with Cameratown throwing in a direct head-to-head with Canon’s own 5D Mark II. The 7D was found to produce “virtually no visible noise” all the way up to ISO 1600, and scored further points for its gorgeous 100 percent frame-covering viewfinder and fast 19-point AF. With a weather-sealed, highly ergonomic body design, ridiculously fast processing and a sensor so good that “in most situations the lens, rather than the camera, is likely to be the limiting factor,” the only thing reviewers could criticize was the somewhat uncompetitive pricing, but that’s likely to soften with time anyway. Read on… if you dare.

Apple TV 3.0.1 update prevents data from ‘temporarily disappearing’


Enjoy your Apple TV? Not so fond of your data picking up and vanishing whenever it darn well pleases? Then you’ll probably want to force your Apple TV to update to 3.0.1… assuming you’ve already upgraded it to 3.0, of course. According to the engineers in Cupertino, this update prevents content “from temporarily disappearing until re-synced,” and we’re guessing that most of you would rather keep your content around if possible. Tap the read link for all the instructions, and whatever you do, don’t make any sudden movements.

Bose SoundDock 10 gets reviewed, probably not worth the pricetag


Bose unleashed its giant iPod dock, the SoundDock 10, back in August — all 18 pounds of it. Well, iLounge has gotten their hands on one of these $600 beasts, and they’ve given it a nice once over. The SoundDock 10 has a nice solid build, and they grade the overall sound quality as decent… which probably isn’t comforting to hear, considering the price, but they do say that it certainly outperforms its cheaper peers. They note the inclusion of extra ports — an unusual and welcomed addition to a Bose unit — though they also note the continued absence of video support in the dock. If you’re in the market for a serious dock for your player, hit up the read link for the full review.

Easy Piano bringing keys to the DS Lite in ‘early 2010′


We’ve got a sneaking suspicion that the DS Lite will be old ancient news by the time Easy Piano hit the market, but those who’ve learned to be content in life (and have somehow managed to resist the urge to snap up a DSi in place of their older handheld), have probably been hunting for this date. Valcon Games has just announced that its piano-teaching title (and the highly comical / interesting 13-key accessory) will be landing in North America in “early 2010,” but it didn’t go so far as to fess up to an MSRP. Not like it matters — you know you’re totally lining up to snag this during a midnight launch, regardless of how many heirlooms are forced onto Craigslist.

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin mini iPod dock lands for a hands-on


We’ve seen plenty of carefully staged press shots of Bowers & Wilkins’ new Zeppelin mini iPod dock, but we’re guessing that anyone about to shell out $400 for one of these is going to want a considerably closer, more unvarnished look at it. Thankfully, the folks at iLounge have now stepped in and provided just that and, while the agree it’s certainly not for everyone, they do seem to think that those with the money to spend won’t be disappointed, noting that the Zeppelin mini is another great example of the “speaker as art.” Hit up the link below for a closer look, including a comparison with B&W’s full size Zeppelin.

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