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Sony’s Limited Edition Vaio Nebula FW Laptop


Sony’s updated range of “Signature Collection” laptops includes this flashy space-themed Vaio FW. The 16.4-incher starts at $810, which gets you Windows 7, a 2.2GHz Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB RAM, 250GB storage, and 512MB ATI 4650 graphics. (more…)

The XPERIA X10 got official overnight


In case you missed it, the XPERIA X10 got official overnight. Besides the 1GHz Snapdragon processor and big 4-inch capacitive touch display, it’s Sony Ericsson’s beautiful Rachael interface sitting on top of Android that impresses. (more…)

Ainol V8000HDA PMP H.264 Decoding with HDMI Output MP4 Player – 16GB


Ainol the new V8000HDA portable media player. ainol sets a new standard for PMP by introducing the idea of “Portable Visual Player (PVP)”. Ainol V8000HDA PMP has brings H.264 HD video decoding, HDMI output and USB-HOST connectivity.

Ainol’s V8000HDA (Metorplex) with a 4.3-inch 800×480 Wide-screen, support H.264 (MPEG4-AVC) decoding and plays MKV, MOV, PMP, MP4 videos. Common media formats, such as MP3, WMA, WAV, are also supported of course. They all offer HDMI output and support USB-HOST function that allows users to plug USB drive, camera, cellphone, PDA into the PMP.

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Nintendo DSi LL is Official



It’s been a long while since we posted some Nintendo DS news. I’m not sure we’re pretty interested with ths one either. The Nintendo DSi LL has the biggest screen among all DS versions so far. That’s 4.2 inches on top and at the bottom. More of interest are the two stylus pens that comes with the DSi LL. The thicker and longer one and the thinner and shorter one. So almost an inch of screen space on each LCD screen compared to the original Nintendo DS and an additional pen. The DSi LL will suffer from a little weight gain, however, and added bulk, though battery life is now 3 hours. (more…)

Asus Smatbook to Sell for $180



Good news once more for the computing public.  Asustek, the pioneer of cheap netbooks, is planning to launch an even cheaper Smartbook in the first quarter of 2010. This smartbook was shown at Computex with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Though we would be more excited with a dual core netbook, Asus is obviously keen on lowering the market price again of ultraportable laptops. I wonder what Asus would call the smartbook… Smart Eee?

iLuv ships weather-watching iMM183 dual dock iPod / iPhone alarm clock


It belts out severe weather alerts as storms are barreling towards your domicile. It acts as a decent bedroom stereo. And it wakes you and the SO up to your own favorite jams — all while charging your iPod or iPhone throughout the night. If those amenities sound like must-haves in your own life, you might be interested in knowing that iLuv’s iMM183 dual dock alarm clock is now shipping, nearly a full year after being originally announced at CES. The pain? $149.99 — but hey, that’s a small price to pay to keep your dear media player / handset out of a tornado’s eye, right?

iPhone and Windows 7 don’t play nice, Intel P55 chipset to blame


The iPhone is one of the most wildly popular phones the world has ever seen, while Windows 7 is well on its way to becoming the globe’s most ubiquitous OS. So compatibility between the two would be kinda sorta important, right? Tell that to Intel’s quality control team who seem to have somehow missed an issue between Apple’s app carrier deluxe and the P55 Express chipset’s USB controller. Consistent (and persistent) syncing issues have been reported on Apple’s support forums, wherein iTunes on Windows 7 machines recognizes the iPhone, but spits out an “error 0xE8000065″ message whenever the user attempts to sync. While some have found limited success with using PCI-based USB cards (and bypassing the chipset), this is clearly a major issue and something Apple would expect to be fixed before shipping its Core i5 / i7 iMacs, which are likely to sport the chipset. Hit the read link for the original thread of sorrow and regret, and do chime in with your own experience in the comments.

New Sony Ericsson Rachael UI video hits, still looks nothing like Android


Calling this Rachael UI an Android “skin” is like calling Windows 95 a “DOS skin,” but that’s not to say there’s nothing to love about it. In fact, we’re rather relieved that Sony Ericsson seems to be addressing Android’s incredibly lackluster media playback interface, the SE “mediascape” version of which dominates this particular video — a sequel to the first Rachael UI tease we got back in July. You know what else is great? The video title name drops the same luscious screen resolution as the DROID, 480 x 854, which spells all sorts of good things for SE’s first Android entry. Video is after the break, and if that doesn’t do the trick for you, the Rachael hardware is being teased over on this end of the internet.

Creative working on Zii-based MediaBook with color touchscreen, e-book slant


What’s an e-book without the e-ink? So very much, according to Creative, who just dropped word of an upcoming “MediaBook” device (which will undoubtedly look nothing like this mockup above). It sounds a bit more like a PMP to us, with “video, pictures, text and services,” and a “media-rich experience” on the table, but Creative is also apparently working with publishers for content, with an obvious emphasis in Singapore sources, where Creative already does e-learning work. There’s no word of what it’ll look like, but it’ll be a large touchscreen of some sort, so it sounds like we’ve got another slate on our hand. Any differentiation might come from having Zii under the hood and Creative’s own particular approach to content for this device, but there’s not really enough to get excited about at this point.

250GB PS3 spotted in Best Buy backroom, making trouble


It’s not quite as delicious when Sony (in a rare move) has actually confirmed its console for a release to market, but just because we know the 250GB PS3 is landing in the US on November 3rd doesn’t mean we can’t derive any enjoyment at all by the fact that it’s been spotted at a Best Buy in Houston, all primed for the shelves. Since the shipment’s obviously already been made, we suppose we’ll be seeing a few instances of early stocking of the console over the next couple of days, unless Best Buy has considerably cleaned up its act when it comes to launch dates — doubtful!

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