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Augen Gentouch 78 preview


It’s taken quite a bit of chasing (and Kmart stalking) this week to score Augen’s $150 Gentouch Android tablet, but lo’ and behold, the gadget is now in its rightful home… our home! We don’t need to tell you that we ferociously ripped open the box to finally see how the Android 2.1 tablet performs, test out its touchscreen and see if it actually has access to app stores (unlike Augen’s smartbook which we toyed with earlier this week). We’re assuming you’re just as eager to find out the answers to those questions, so hit that read more button for some early impressions as well as a hands-on video.

DXG-5D7V, ‘the only 3D video camcorder,’ now available for preorder


Panasonic may have the first 3D camcorder we’d actually ever consider purchasing, but technically speaking DXG has been sitting on the stereoscopic gold mine for months. This past week, the budget camera company’s 3D View pistol cam got real, in a Hammacher-Schlemmer package that’ll set you back $600. That outlay buys you not only the twin-lens VGA shooter you see above, but also a companion 7-inch, 800 x 480 3D media player, both of which are outfitted with glasses-free parallax barrier LCD screens. It’s not a terrible deal considering the alternatives on offer, but we’re not down with the $200 luxury tax Hammacher and company tacked on top, and we’re a little wary about the way that ram is staring at us. Cameras are expected to ship August 6th; press release after the break.

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