Still holding out on nabbing a pico projector? We know, we know — you’ll leap when there’s 1080p. But if you’re kosher with baby steps, Microvision’s newest entrant might just fit the bill. The SHOWWX+ is a revamped version of the ouftit’s original PicoP-based SHOWWX, and it seems that a full year in the engineering lab has enabled the company to pop out a device that’s 50 percent brighter, yet the exact same size. The internal battery can keep the 15 laser lumens shining for two solid hours, and there’s also a 5,000:1 native contrast ratio. iDevice users will be elated to know that this guy is a Made for iPod, iPhone and iPad product, enabling it to output Netflix content without any DRM issues (or so we’re told). The native resolution still checks in at 848 x 480, and if all that sounds just peachy, you can get one headed your way today for $449. Head on past the break for Netflix and Rage HD demos.