Acer eBook concept preview: Qualcomm MSM7227 and Android onboard


My, how the tablets have turned. Despite valiant efforts, even Acer can’t resist the temptation of diving into the ever-expanding e-reader market, but rather than going head to head with Amazon’s Kindle, the company seems to be readying at least one unique creature for release into the mainstream. Thanks to a stop at Qualcomm’s lair here at Computex, we think we may have found the company’s numero dos. In just about every respect, the simply-titled eBook is nothing at all like the LumiRead; in fact, it looks (sort of) like an iPhone 4G after pulling a Mark McGwire. We weren’t told just how large the screen was, but as you can tell from the gallery below, it’s quite long. The device was reportedly made as a way to showcase Qualcomm’s aging MSM7227 processor, and while there’s obviously no way to know if this thing is / isn’t headed for the production line, it was running Android underneath. Unfortunately, responsiveness wasn’t this thing’s strong suit, and it was fairly obvious that the software wasn’t exactly fully baked (we surely hope not, anyway). That said, the form factor could certainly be honed into something practical, and we’re sure they could get the UI humming along a bit smoother if they really put their minds to it. For now, it’s the gallery below… or nothin’.

New Cheap Color Ebook Reader K5 arrival in stock on ownta.com


Product page: http://www.ownta.com/teclast-tl-k5-handheld-colour-ebook-reader-4gb.html

Telcast TL-K5 is the first colour ereader that equipped with a 5.0 inch c-Paper LCD, up to 800×480 pixels. c-Paper technology makes the LCD response faster and no flash. 4GB of internal storage, can save thousands books, support SD card to expand its capacity. Flip keys right and left, convenient to read books, Supported ebook formats include TXT (ASCII, Unicode code), MS WORD, PDF, PDB, EPUB, FB2, HTM and SKT formats, while JPG and BMP photo formats are also supported. TL-K5 also support TTS reading. Fast to seach books with one key. The powerful li-ion battery is good for up to 3,500 page turns as well as 12 hours of continuous reading. Enough for spare time reading.

Teclast TL-K5 eBook Reader Common Features:

  • 5.0 inch c-Paper LCD, 260K colors, 800×480 pixels, faster response than E-ink LCD
  • With flip keys right and left
  • Built in 4GB flash memory, support SD card to expand its capacity, Can save thousands of books
  • Compatible with TXT (ASCII, Unicode code), MS WORD, PDF, PDB, EPUB, FB2, HTM and SKT formats
  • Support TTS reading
  • Compatible with MP3, WMA, FLAC and AAC music formats

For more ebook readers, please check: http://www.ownta.com/wholesale-dropship-electronic-gadgets/e-book-reader/

EB710 e-reader rocks an LCD, intriguing user interface


Looks like this one’s been sitting around in the shadows for awhile now, and in fact, we can’t even find the bona fide manufacturer of this here device. Boasting a 7-inch LCD (since when were those deemed fit for reading on?), built-in rechargeable battery, multimedia player, image viewer, optional FM radio, USB 2.0 connector and a user interface that almost looks a wee bit like Android at a glance. Regrettably, there’s no pricing or availability details to be found (nor any indication of an inbuilt wireless module), but we’re guessing the mystery owners here wouldn’t try moving this one for too much.

Samsung E60 and E61 e-readers heading to British digital bookworms in July


Good news, fellow Brits! Samsung has just announced that it’ll be shipping its two 6-inch, stylus-donning e-readers — the slide-out E60 and the QWERTY-packing E61 — to the UK in July, with the former to be priced at £299.99 ($443) and the latter’s to be confirmed. Sadly, no news on who’ll be delivering the ebooks over these devices’ WiFi, but we’re promised an announcement in a fortnight. For now, gorge yourselves on our latest hands-on photos.

Borders’ Kobo eReader available for pre-order, ships June 17th


Looking for a no-frills alternative to the Kindle or Nook? For $150, you’ll probably find it in the Kobo eReader — now available for purchase at Borders, and shipping June 17th. We went hands-on with Kobo in March and rather enjoyed the barebones aesthetic; though an early review cited long load times, we thought the 6-inch E Ink slate got the basics just about right. That’s just us, though — if you get it for Father’s Day as Borders clearly suggests, we’re not sure your picky old man will agree.

Bookeen’s upgraded, colorful Cybook Opus to debut on May 7


We were promised a color-loving version of the diminutive Cybook Opus and here’s the delivery of said pledge. Coming in seven new shades to match its May 7 release date, the newly revised Cybook Opus boasts instant-on functionality, a new Boo Reader software that helps to optimize battery life, and a category-best 12 font sizes. It’s still a monochrome E Ink display — 800 x 600 pixels — and memory hasn’t budged up from the 1GB on its predecessor, but at least the opening price has dipped down to a £149 ($199 in USA) RRP. When you consider 150 books come preloaded on the device, it’s almost like Bookeen is giving the hardware away for free. It’s not, but that’s as good a rationalization as any other. Full PR after the break.

Paradigm Shift debuts $130 EER-051D e-reader

They may not quite have dipped into impulse buy territory just yet, but e-readers are definitely getting cheaper, as evidenced by Sony’s $169 Pocket Reader, Kobo’s $149 eReader and, now, Paradigm Shift’s $130 EER-051D. Despite appearances above, this one supposedly has a 5-inch color screen, and packs an FM tuner along with the usual MP3 support, plus a photo viewer, 2GB of internal memory, an SD card slot for expansion, and support for most popular e-book formats (including DRM-enabled ePub books). As you might have surmised from its nondescript appearance and model name, Paradigm Shift is also pitching these at OEMs looking to do a quick rebadge job, but it will apparently be available in the US in its current form through Delstar Wholesale Electronics as soon as next month. Press release is after the break.

Plastic Logic expects to ship QUE proReader in June


So, Plastic Logic perhaps isn’t for sale, but what about that long-awaited QUE proReader of theirs? Well, we just got an update on that front. A hapless tipster who pre-ordered the devices way back on January 9th just got an email from Plastic Logic saying they should expect a June 24th ship date now. Pre-orderers at least have the opportunity to confirm or deny that they still want the device, and won’t be charged until it ships. So, will it be worth the wait? And more importantly: what color will your hovercar be?

Kindle for Mac now finally available


With not so much as a hint of fanfare (and a very loose definition of “coming soon“), Amazon has quietly unleashed its Kindle app for Mac. The 22MB file is for Intel-based machines only, OS X 10.5 and above. Nothing too fancy, it does exactly what you’d expect in terms of functionality… and not much else. What else is there to say? Time’s a-wastin’, hit up the source link to download.

Entourage Edge review


Is it an Android tablet? An e-reader? Just a sweet gadget with two screens? Truth is the Entourage Edge is a little bit of everything, and that’s exactly why we’ve been so intrigued with the “dualbook” since we fondled it at CES. Finally ready to make its shipping debut, the $499 dual screen device is aimed at students, but really it’s for anyone interested in a combination 9.7-inch E Ink reading / note-taking experience and a 10.1-inch Android web tablet. It’s sounded very cool to us for quite a while, but there’s always a difference between hype and reality. Does the Edge live up to its promise or attempt to do too much? The only place to find out is after the break in our full review.

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