Machinima launch for Xbox 360 has us watching more games than we play


Machinima launches for Xbox 360, has us watching more games than we play

When Microsoft piled on the Xbox media channels last year, we didn’t realize just how long it would take for some of those channels to come to fruition. We’re quite possibly on the cusp of new hardware, and Machinima’s app is just now making its Xbox 360 debut. Still, it might be worth the wait for those who live and breathe gaming even after they’ve set down the gamepad. The app includes the full suite of Machinima channels and their associated videos, ranging from regular shows and specials through to game blooper reels. Machinima is available everywhere Xbox Live is active; if that isn’t enough to tide you over, Microsoft is teasing the reveal of a OneBeat electronic music app next month.

Digital Storm goes after DIY gaming PCs with its $699 Vanquish (video)


Digital Storm declares DIY gaming PCs dead with its new Vanquish line
Dear rig builder, before you go shopping for your next PSU, Digital Storm would like a word. The company’s new line of Vanquish PCs is aimed at gamers who want the price of a self-build, but without the worry that they’ve mistakenly jammed a 12V ATX cable into a Blu-Ray drive. The base unit offers up an AMD FX-4300 with 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, a Radeon HD 7750 and Windows 7 for $699 — just $38 more than the company claims you could snag those unassembled parts on NewEgg. Alongside the professional build, Digital Storm will provide lifetime in-house tech support and a three-year warranty, so if you’d like to learn more, there’s PR and video after the break.

PlayStation Vita launches in Japan, shifts 321,400 units in two days

Kaz Hirai probably had a sleepless weekend as he and the team waited for the two-day sales figures for Sony’s PlayStation Vita. He can probably relax a little, knowing that 321,400 of the things were exchanged for cold, hard cash in the retail outlets of Japan. In comparison, Nintendo’s 3DS sold 50,000 more units but sales soon stalled — only to be rescued with a hefty price cut. Of course, now the company has to ensure that the performance issues that early-adopters have been facing are resolved — we’d hate to experience the same teething trouble when it arrives over here in February.

Mfly I-helicopter Use your iPod or iPhone to Control fly


Mfly JG-777-170 iPad/iPhone I-helicopter with 3 Channels Gyro

Product page:

Mfly JG-777-170 iPad/iPhone I-helicopter with 3 Channels Gyro

  • Compatibility
  • Suitable for narrow space flight
  • For Apple iphone/iPad
  • Low power consumption
  • For iphone / iPod / iPad / iTouch control helicopters, including 3.0 CH gyro remote control system
  • Using the included USB cable charging, easy and convenient.

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Sony updates PS3 to version 4.00 ahead of PS Vita launch


Sony is setting the table for the PlayStation Vita today, with the release of a new PS3 update. With version 4.00, rolling out now, PS3 users will be able to share content like music, video and images with the forthcoming Vita, scheduled to launch in Japan on December 17th. The refresh also allows gamers to save PS Vita games and data on their PS3 hard drives, while updating their handheld software using the PS3′s network. There are some more PS3-specific features, as well, including enhanced PSN privacy settings and game patches, among others. Find out more at the source link below.

White PS3 coming to Europe and Australia in November


There’s nothing a like an (almost) fresh and exciting color variant to make us totally forget about the PS4. Besides, this little dazzler will come with a 320GB HDD and two equally white Dualshock controllers, which means you’ll only have to spray-paint your PS3 Move, headset, external drive, wheel and eyebrows to match. Look out for it at GameStop in the UK, Germany and possibly other Euro nations too, as well as at Electronic Boutique in Australia from November 1st — or just pre-order via the source links below.

Nintendo says one Wii U controller per console, robs player two of extra screen

Wii U supports multiple=

Nintendo’s tablet-esque Wii U controller raised a few questions when it was announced at E3. Questions like, “What kind of crazy games are going to use that thing,” and “How much will a second controller cost me?” The latter, at least, has been answered. Nothing. You don’t need one. Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata recently said in an interview that games enlisting more than one Wii U controller aren’t being considered just yet — although they are possible. Our very own Ittousai tells us that Iwata told Diamond Online that the Wii U can technically support multiple screen-controllers, but that additional slabs would be too expensive to sell on their own. Iwata went on to say that the console would ship with only one, and that game developers should design titles under the assumption that each console will use a single Wii U controller. Player two will have to settle for a good ‘ol Wiimote, and even Satoru himself admits that there are plenty of those around.

Kinect for Windows SDK beta to roll out tomorrow?


Microsoft’s been talking up its forthcoming Kinect for Windows SDK for quite a while now, and it looks like developers might soon finally be able to get their hands on it. According to WinRumors, Microsoft will roll out the beta version of the SDK during a special event on Channel 9 at 9:30 AM Pacific time (12:30 Eastern) tomorrow — something that’s now been backed up somewhat by the Channel 9 website itself, which is simply promising a “special Kinect focused event tomorrow.” WinRumors is also reporting that the President of Microsoft Spain said during an appearance at a conference today that the beta SDK would be available “this week.” So, it certainly seems like things are lining up for a release — it’s just a shame that “Kinect applications” doesn’t have the same ring as Kinect hacks.

Wii U has last-gen Radeon inside, still more advanced than PS3 and Xbox 360

Wii U Crysis

Slowly, but surely, we’re starting to piece together what’s going on inside that mysterious white box known as the Wii U. IBM was a little coy about the multi-core CPU it was providing, but did tantalize us by mentioning the name “Watson” in describing some of its underlying tech. Now details about the custom Radeon GPU are starting to surface and, while certainly capable, it’s not exactly cutting edge. At its heart is a chip similar to the R770 found in AMD’s last-gen cards like the 4890 and, before you dismiss it, remember the PS3 and Xbox 360 are still capable of pumping out impressive visuals while packing five-year-old silicon (The 360 is essentially running a souped up ATI X1900). The custom core also supports Direct X 10.1 (Microsoft runs out of steam with Direct X 9) and Eyefinity-like multi-display tech for up to four SD video streams — though it’ll be up to Nintendo and developers to put that to good use. In case you’re still not convinced of the Wii U’s graphical prowess, Crytek has said its advanced CryEngine is “pretty much” up and running on Nintendo’s upcoming console — and, if it’s good enough for Crysis, it should be good enough for you.

Nintendo’s Iwata talks about Wii U’s place in the living room

Nintendo took some inspiration from the TV remote for its Wii controller, and it apparently thinks its new Wii U controller could well be the “TV remote of the future.” That’s just one tidbit from All Things D‘s sitdown with Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, who also talked more broadly about the Wii U’s new role in the living room. As evidenced by E3, that will include catering to more hardcore gamers than the Wii did, but Iwata says the Wii U is also an effort to take some of the couch time back from folks playing games on tablets, smartphones or laptops. To that end, Iwata says that Nintendo’s mission is to “shorten the distance between people and gaming” and remove some of the barriers involved with console gaming, further adding that it’s also trying to “reach out to the people who are not interested in video games.” Though it’s not saying much about it, Nintendo’s no doubt hoping to win back a few investors as well. As you may have noticed, the company’s stock slipped significantly following its E3 announcement and, while it’s bounced back a bit since, it’s still well off its Wii-fueled heights of recent years.
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