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New 7 inch Touch Apad FE-7001 with Android 2.1 WIFI and HDMI Output


Moonse Apad FE-7001 with Android 2.1 WIFI and HDMI Output

Product page:

This New 7 inch Touch Apad is distributed by, Better than RAmos W7, bigger screen with good using experience.

Moonse Apad FE-7001 with Android 2.1 WIFI and HDMI Output Function

You can view the product video from here:

The China apad tablet PC MID is equipped with a 7-inch touch screen with a resolution of 800×480 pixels. And is based on the processor TCC8902 with a clock of 800 MHz and equipped with 256 MB of RAM. The volume of flash memory this aPad MID can be from 4 to 32 GB, plus to this, supported memory card format SD.

Moonse Apad FE-7001 Touch Screen MID tablet PC comes with 7 inch flat wide screen to provide a fantatic multimedia and internet experience.

The apad tablet PC MID can playback and output high-definition video up to 1080P and support all formats video play.

Moonse Apad FE-7001 tablet PC MID also support GPS/Google Map funtion, Google map via GPS Connection.

The apad tablet PC MID just allows you to easily visit YouTube for millions of videos.

WiFi 80211b/g wireless network.

The apad tablet PC MID is the perfect companion for an easy network life.

Moonse Apad FE-7001 with Android 2.1 WIFI and HDMI Output Function Specification:

Dimensions(HWD): 193*115*15mm
Weight: 450g
CPU Processor Speed 800 MHz
Memory/ROM: 4GB (FAT32 format)
Memory/RAM: 256MB DDR
Memory Slot SD (can up to 32GB)
Recording Format 3GPP
Color Display 7 inch TFT LCD with Resistance Touch Screen
Resolution 800*480
Battery Type rechargeable Lithium battery
Battery Capacity 2600mAh
Battery Runing time 5 hours for Video,8 hours for Music,4 hours for HDMI output
Speaker Yes
G sensor No
I/O Ports USB 2.0, SD, HDMI, 3.5mm headphone, built-in microphone.
Wirless Network WiFi 80211b/g,Support 3G wireless communication network
Software OS Android 2.1
Browser Android 2.1
Video AVI(H.264、DIVX、DIVX、XVID), rm,rmvb, MKV(H.264、DIVX、DIVX、XVID),WMV,MOV,MP4(.H.264、MPEG、DIVX、XVID),DAT(VCD format),VOB(DVD format),PMP,MPEG,.MPG,, FLV(H.263,H.264),ASF ,TS, TP,3GP,MPG
Email G-mail
Subtitles Support SMI,SUB,SRT,SSA
Video Output HDMI 480P to 1080P, AV

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Huawei S7 runs 1GHz Snapdragon and Android 2.1 like a champ (video)


Another small mystery, solved. We caught a glimpse of Huawei’s relatively undercover S7 tablet back in March, but little was known about what would actually power the device and what operating system would be pre-installed. Here at Computex, we learned the facts on both of those points. Sitting pretty at Qualcomm’s booth, the S7 was shown boasting a 1GHz MSM8250 Snapdragon processor, and our hunting around in the settings confirmed that Android 2.1 was loaded onboard. The Qualcomm reps didn’t have any other hard specifications available on the 7-incher (beyond those that we already knew), but we were able to spot a volume rocker, internal speaker, 3.5mm headphone jack, microSD card slot, USB connector and a fancy kickstand around back for sitting a spell and watching multimedia. During our time with the device, we instantly fell in love with the depressible side buttons, and the capacitive resistive touchscreen was as responsive as they come. The whole thing felt speedy and light enough for our liking, and frankly, it was easily one of our favorite tablets at the entire show. We’re still no closer to nailing down a price or release date, but at least you now know it’s worth your while to keep an eye out for both. Vid’s after the break.

HTC Hero (GSM) Android 2.1 update finally arrives… in Taiwan


In its day, the HTC Hero with its brand new Sense UI and browser with Flash Lite was a breakthrough, multitouch Android handset. As such, it quickly became a big seller for HTC and the carriers that sold it. Now one year later, owners of the GSM variant are still waiting for their chance at the latest Android 2.1 update. As a harbinger of things to come (we hope), the Hero 2.1 update just landed in HTC’s home country of Taiwan. Unfortunately, this will likely be the last update Hero owners receive… via official channels, anyway.

Acer Liquid E Ferrari Special Edition revs up Android 2.1


Sure, the Acer Liquid E Ferrari Special Edition features the same underclocked 768MHz Snapdragon and Android 2.1 as the original Liquid E that launched in February, but, well, this one comes with a flashy Ferrari F1 Red paint job and matching Elite Bluetooth earpiece. Can’t say no to that, can you? You know the rest of the drill: 3.5-inch WVGA touchscreen, five megapixel camera with autofocus, geotagging, and adjustable ISO, included 8GB microSD card, and the Acer Sync app that syncs changes across your phone and PC. No word on price or availability, but it certainly looked pretty on the Computex show floor — we’ll let you know if we find out more.

HTC Hero won’t see upgrade to Android 2.1 until June, at least in Europe


Plenty of UK Hero owners were disappointed this morning upon hearing the news that free Google Maps Navigation had spread beyond the borders of the USA but required Android 1.6 as the minimum OS version. Stuck in their Android 1.5 world, they must have hoped that HTC would just hurry up and open the gates to Eclair heaven, but hurrying up is, regrettably, the opposite of what’s happening. Tech Radar heard from a Google rep that the Hero’s move to Android 2.1 won’t be happening until June, and followed it up with HTC directly. The official response was that a free update for European Hero variants will indeed be provided “starting in June.” At least this cloud of disappointment will only hang over Europe, as other territories — like Taiwan — might still get the update reasonably soon.

Sony Ericsson X10 can do multitouch after all, will get Android 2.1 in September?


So, was all that hubbub for nothing? British retailer — a wholly-owned subsidiary of giant Carphone Warehouse, for what it’s worth — is claiming a “man on the inside” as saying that the X10 actually can do multitouch after all, despite word from a Sony Ericsson product manager to the contrary. In fact, not only can it do multitouch, but it will do multitouch through a software update in the second half of the year, the source goes on to say. This all ties in nicely with the dude’s claim that the X10 will see an official update to Android 2.1 in September, a window that dovetails rather nicely with Sony Ericsson’s official line of 2H 2010. Of course, by the time September rolls around, we can only assume that Froyo will be alive and well, so the ultimate question of relevancy for Sony Ericsson’s very first Android venture remains to be answered.

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