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HP announces Pivot for TouchPad, the curated, magazine-like way to find some apps

HP announces TouchPad Pivot, the curated, magazine-like way to find some apps

Finding apps can be tough, especially when your Store or Marketplace is overwhelmed with a daily flood of debutantes. That’s not exactly a problem for HP, whose App Catalog for the webOS 3.0 TouchPad officially launches on July 1st and will be, the company admits, a little spartan at first. But HP has a plan for a future flood of apps: Pivot. It’s basically a curated digital magazine that will present a selection of apps someone at HP found interesting for whatever reason — a way for users to discover new downloads and, more importantly, for niche developers to not get lost in the shuffle. HP hopes this will attract developers, taking a different approach from the competition, which often resorts to outright promises of cash to pique their interest — but a few free TouchPads never hurts .

Nook Color getting Flash and apps in April update, according to Home Shopping Network (update: official)


The little e-reader that could is about to do even more — according to a listing on the Home Shopping Network, the Nook Color will get an update next month that brings Flash support and additional apps to the platform. That suggests that we’ll finally be seeing Android 2.2 and perhaps an app store of some sort, though HSN isn’t spilling the beans right now — the cable station wants you to tune in at 12AM, 5AM or 9AM (or 12PM, 5PM or 9PM) ET this Saturday to get an exclusive sneak peek at the goods. Yours for just four easy payments of $74.97… which must seem like a tremendous deal compared to HSN’s “retail value” of $504.

Update: Barnes & Noble has now made this completely official itself, and confirmed that the update will include email support among other “exciting new applications.” Press release is after the break.

VIZIO XVT HDTVs with LEDs, WiFi, apps & Bluetooth ready to ship


This year’s iteration of VIZIO’s top of the line XVT LCDs (at least until the XVT3D — née XVT Pro — series hits in Q4) are finally ready to ship and, as we’ve come to expect, pack a long list of features to go along with their price tags. The 240Hz 42-, 47-, and 55-inch versions all feature LED backlighting, which may be ready to beat criticisms of of light black levels with a claimed 10,000,000:1 contrast ratio. Whether or not you believe any TV manufacturer’s contrast measurements, an increased 120 zones of backlighting (up from 80 last year, up to 160 from 120 on the 47-inch) and a profile that’s 2 inches slimmer (down to just 3 inches deep) this time around should be easily noticeable. The 37- and 32-inch XVT models rely on the company’s edge lit Razor LED lighting tech and are less than 2 inches this, with stated 1,000,000:1 contrast ratios.

Other than arbitrary and easily fudged specs, VIZIO’s fighting the competition with its VIA suite of features — widget based app platform with Netflix, Pandora & others, built-in WiFi and QWERTY Bluetooth remote — and they’re all here, along with plenty of HDMI inputs and SRS audio technology. The 32-inch isn’t the cheapest model that size you’ll find at $699 and neither is the top of the line XVT553SV with its $2,199 MSRP, but after perusing the list of specs in the press release after the break, it’s hard to imagine finding many with a similar resumé at those prices.

Mitsubishi’s Unisen LCD HDTVs, now with more speakers, LED, WiFi, apps, cowbell


Just in case you prefer a slimmer profile to your television viewing experience without all that 3D nonsense, Mitsubishi has also refreshed its Unisen LCD HDTVs. All the new models have StreamTV a.k.a. VUDU Apps built in, plus playback from USB devices, and edge LED backlighting. While the LT-55154 drops a few speakers (if you brought your own), the step-up 164 line is sized from 40- to 55-inches including 16 speakers built in, integrated WiFi, Bluetooth streaming and more while the top of the line 265 models add two more speakers to the mix and upgrade to 240 Hz motion, an iPhone remote control app plus a few other configuration tweaks for the high end. Check after the break for prices (between $1,699 & $3,199) and more specs, though exact shipping information is still TBA.

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