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Lenovo LePad S2005 vs. Dell Streak 5… cuddle!


It’s inevitable that these two 5-inch tabletphones — the Dell Streak 5 on the left and the Lenovo LePad S2005 on the right — are to meet in the Chinese capital. With the exception of the slightly taller body on the S2005 everything else are suspiciously similar, especially the button and camera layout. Well, there’s a good explanation for this: we’ve been informed that this new tabletphone hails from the same ODM, Qisda, as Dell’s counterpart. Too bad Lenovo decided to keep the same screen resolution though.

According to Stone Ip from Engadget Chinese, he found that the S2005 has a nicer grip than the Streak, and he also digs its more masculine appearance — obviously this is open to debate. Performance-wise this slate responded well to our input, but the lack of promise on an Ice Cream Sandwich update will probably make potential geeky buyers think twice. Well, good thing we have some awesome modders around the interwebs these days.

Dell to fix faulty M11x hinges the world over regardless of warranty status


Are you one of the unlucky Alienware M11x owners who had hinge issues with the laptop, but feared you’d be stuck with a faulty folding mechanism due to an out of date warranty? Well, worry no more, because Dell has extended its hinge replacement program to include owners anywhere on earth with an R1 or R2 M11x regardless of warranty status. Getting those busted bits replaced is easy peasy, as affected parties need only contact Dell Tech support to get the repair process started. For full details about getting your afflicted alien fixed hit the source below — and feel free to give Dell some daps for doing the right thing while you’re at it.

Dell Streak 10 Pro tablet to launch in China this summer, US may get it next year


John Thode, Dell’s Vice President for mobile devices, has shared a Honeycomb-flavored snippet of his company’s tablet roadmap with CNET. The 10-inch Android tablet that we saw at CES and suspected could be with us this month will indeed be making its debut in the summer, according to Thode, but its launch market will be China, not the US. He points to a number of “inhibitors and barriers to success” in Dell’s homeland — such as mobile carriers dictating pricing models that stifle the adoption of tablets and users being unaware of “what exactly Android is bringing” — as the causes for Round Rock’s atypical decision. The Streak 10 Pro, as it’ll officially be known, comes with a Honeycomb-standard 1280 x 800 resolution screen, an edge-to-edge glass surface, two cameras (one of them reaching a 5 megapixel res), an SD card slot, a thickness of 12mm, and 1080p video playback capabilities courtesy of an unspecified NVIDIA Tegra dual-core processor. An additional dock will allow the 10 Pro to act as a USB host, while augmenting its connectivity with HDMI, Ethernet, and, obviously, a set of USB ports. The US may still get to enjoy this bounty of options, but we’re told it won’t happen until 2012. By which point we’ll probably have a taste for fresher, icier versions of Android.

Dell’s 17-inch Precision M6600 workstation laptop goes on sale early in the UK


We were promised we’d get Dell’s latest Precision powerhouses on May 10th, and that may still be the case for the US, but the company’s UK outlet is ready to let you customize and buy an M6600 today. The 17.3-inch laptop offers options for a multitouch display with stylus functionality, a 2.5GHz quad-core Core i7-2920XM CPU, 16GB of DDR3 RAM, up to half a terabyte (2x 256GB) in solid state storage, and NVIDIA Quadro 4000M graphics. Prices start at £1,549 ($2,590) excluding VAT and shipping, though the spec we’ve listed above would set you back a neat £4,714 ($7,880). Still, a pretty sweet rig if you can afford it.

Dell Vostro 3000 updated with Sandy Bridge processors, affordable prices go untouched


Not another business laptop updated with Sandy Bridge processors! We know, it’s getting a bit repetitive at this point, but what if we told you this group blends together some awesome features and won’t cost you more than $600? You’d be willing to hear more, right? Well, Dell’s indeed refreshing its 13-, 14-, 15-, and 17.3-inch Vostro 3000 series laptops with those fresh Core i3, i5 and i7 processors, but it’s leaving intact everything we loved about the series the first time around — including, its aluminum build, backlit keyboard, and matte displays. On top of that it’s also adding SRS Pro sound, HD webcams, and a new chiclet keyboard, which is a lot like the one we like so much on the Inspiron 14R and M101z. See we told you the features were worth hearing about. Internally, all four systems will be available with a selection of Sandy Bridge processors (with the 17.3-inch version getting some quad-core options), a variety of hard drive and SSD options, six- and nine cell batteries, and up to 8GB of RAM. We don’t have the exact configuration pricing, but according to the press release below the 13-inch 3350 will start at $599, 14-inch 3450 and 15-inch 3550 at $499, and lastly the 17-inch 3750 at $549. See, mighty tempting prices — especially after you take a look at the hands-on pictures below.

Dell rolls out Froyo update for AT&T and Rogers Streak 5 users

Dell already pushed out its Froyo update to users of unlocked Streaks way back in November, and it looks like those that bought their Streak 5 from AT&T or Rogers can now finally get in on the action as well. The company just began rolling the update for those users out over-the-air today, and it brings with it all of the features we’ve already seen on unlocked Streaks, including Flash support, Dell’s Stage UI and, of course, support for any apps that require Android 2.0 or later. Hit up the source link below for the complete details on the upgrade.

Dell rolls out updated XPS 15, XPS 17 laptops


Well, it’s not the promised thinner and lighter replacement for the XPS 14, but Dell has just announced two other new XPS laptops: updated versions of it XPS 15 and XPS 17. Both of those are available today in a whole range of different configurations, including your choice of Sandy Bridge or Huron River processors, NVIDIA GPU options up to a GT 540M on the XPS 15 or GT555M on the XPS 17, up to 8GB or 16GB of RAM, and even an optional 3D-capable panel on the XPS 17. As usual, prices vary widely depending on the configuration, but things start at just $899 for a basic XPS 17 or $1049 for the XPS 15 — hit up the link below to check out all the options available.

Dell Inspiron Duo finally official, can be yours the first week of December for $549


That’s right, just as we had heard, Dell is finally putting an end to the Inspiron Duo’s mysterious marketing videos and officially spinning its screen for the world to see! You won’t be able to hit the order button on the totally unique 10.1-inch tablet / netbook hybrid today, but according to Dell, it should go up for pre-order sometime soon and start shipping out the first week of December. As for pricing, the base model will start at $549 (£449), and will pack a dual-core Intel Atom N550 processor, 2GB of RAM, a Broadcom Crystal HD accelerator, 250GB of storage, and Windows 7 Home Premium. Naturally, you’ll be able to configure it with a larger hard drive, and adding that JBL speaker dock will bring the price up to $649 (no word on what it will cost on its own). We’re guessing those are the details you’ve been waiting on, but undoubtedly you’ve got to be dying to know what we think of that crazy-looking laptop. Well, we’ve got you covered there too — hit the break for our impressions and a brief hands-on video.

Dell Inspiron Duo tablet could be with us next week


Alright, we know AMD’s busy showing off its Atom killer, but there’s still a little life left in Intel’s netbook stalwart, which has been harnessed to its fullest in Dell’s screen-flipping Duo tablet / netbook. And the good news is that we apparently won’t have to wait too long to see that zany concoction out in the real world. Well placed sources have informed CNET that Dell intends to release the Inspiron Duo at some point next week, potentially on November 23rd, while pre-sale information should be dished out later this week, alongside Microsoft’s announcement of a new store opening. Things are moving along nice and swiftly, it would seem.

Update: And just to fan those flames of desire a little more, the Duo has shown up in Microsoft’s latest cloud computing advert. See it after the break.

Dell Venue Pro on sale at Microsoft stores, but good luck getting one


So, just as was rumored, it seems Dell pushed a small handful of Venue Pros to Microsoft’s seven flagship stores for sale today. We just spoke with a friendly rep who told us they were “going fast” and didn’t sound too confident that we’d be able to get one by the time we got down there, but theoretically if we did, it’d be $199 for a new line (or an eligible upgrade) or $449 outright. If you manage to score one, that’ll put you about a week ahead of everyone else — they aren’t expected to be available straight from Dell’s site until the 15th. On a related note, Dell’s website is showing two configurations for the phone — an 8GB and a 16GB model — though none of the stores we called could tell us which one they were stocking. Let’s hope for 16, eh?

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