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White PS3 coming to Europe and Australia in November


There’s nothing a like an (almost) fresh and exciting color variant to make us totally forget about the PS4. Besides, this little dazzler will come with a 320GB HDD and two equally white Dualshock controllers, which means you’ll only have to spray-paint your PS3 Move, headset, external drive, wheel and eyebrows to match. Look out for it at GameStop in the UK, Germany and possibly other Euro nations too, as well as at Electronic Boutique in Australia from November 1st — or just pre-order via the source links below.

Archos’ Android-based 70b e-reader up for pre-order in Europe


We have all ideas that the 70b will look mighty weak after next year’s spate of slates, tablets and readers hit the public view at CES, but with a price tag as diminutive as €99.99 ($130), who cares about bells and / or whistles? Spotted first in the FCC’s lairs a few weeks ago, the Archos 70b e-reader is now up for pre-order in Europe, boasting a 7-inch WVGA touchpanel, 4GB of storage, 802.11b/g WiFi and an SD expansion slot. We’re told that the battery will keep things humming for around ten hours (or up to 18 if using it strictly as a music player with the screen flipped off), and if we had to guess, we’d say it’ll probably make the trip through the Panama Canal in Q1 2011. Question is: will you care?

Sony Ericsson LiveView now available in Europe; if you had a LiveView, you’d know that already


Look, the future is in hyper-informed wrist accessories. If you don’t know that by now, what do you know? Not that, assuredly. Sony Ericsson’s Android-augmenting, Bluetooth-tethered LiveView accessory is now available in some European countries, including some fan faves like the UK, Germany, and France. Prices seem to vary from country to country, with a UK version going for £48.97 (about $79 US), France getting a €59 shot at it (about $80 US), and Germany swooping in with an über-low €42 tag (about $57 US). All three disparate prices seem a small amount to pay to place the future on your wrist / other clippable surface, but maybe that’s just us.

Viewsonic VX2258wm 22-inch multitouch display hits stores in Europe

It looks like the folks at Viewsonic never got the memo that people don’t want touchscreen displays on devices that don’t lay flat. (Maybe Steve forgot to CC ‘em?) That, or maybe they just have a rebellious streak — which we can certainly respect. Either way, the company has just announced the VX2258wm, a 22-inch monitor that uses Infrared Optical Imaging to bring Windows-certified multitouch to the table (er, desk). And that, alongside 1080p HD resolution, ClearMotiv II Technology, a 5ms response time, a dynamic contrast ratio of 100,000:1, and support for HBDP (High Bandwidth Digital Protection) Blu-ray devices, sounds pretty good to us! Available now in Europe for £189 (roughly $300). PR after the break.

HTC Hero won’t see upgrade to Android 2.1 until June, at least in Europe


Plenty of UK Hero owners were disappointed this morning upon hearing the news that free Google Maps Navigation had spread beyond the borders of the USA but required Android 1.6 as the minimum OS version. Stuck in their Android 1.5 world, they must have hoped that HTC would just hurry up and open the gates to Eclair heaven, but hurrying up is, regrettably, the opposite of what’s happening. Tech Radar heard from a Google rep that the Hero’s move to Android 2.1 won’t be happening until June, and followed it up with HTC directly. The official response was that a free update for European Hero variants will indeed be provided “starting in June.” At least this cloud of disappointment will only hang over Europe, as other territories — like Taiwan — might still get the update reasonably soon.

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