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Google Maps for Android updated to 4.4, adds dedicated ‘Places’ for searching nearby


Ready to suck down your sixth Google Maps for Android update in the past six months? Good. Version 4.4 has just been shoved out into the bright, hopeful world that we call home, with this one bringing about an easier way to find places around you. With the update will come an entirely new logo, as a dedicated ‘Places’ icon allows users to quickly look up nearby places in a Yelp-esque manner. If you tend to search for similar things regardless of where you are, you can load up your own personalized categories to make finding frequent searches that much easier (think “gas station” or “In N Out”). There’s also Place Pages, which now shows the operating hours of listed businesses, compass direction and distance from your location. It’s available now for all Android phones using v1.6 or newer, and if you’re rocking a BlackBerry, you can expect the Place Page to head your way soon.

Motorola Droid gets official multitouch support — in Google Maps, anyway


When it rains, it pours, huh, Google? Not even a week after announcing the big multitouch update for its own Nexus One, Google has turned loose a new version of Google Maps that enables pinch-to-zoom support on the Droid. Of course, it was no secret that Android 2.0 had the framework in place to support this kind of stuff — Moto enabled it all by its lonesome on the Euro-spec Milestone — but it looks like this could be the watershed moment where multitouch finally becomes a must-have feature on Android devices across the board, as Moto CEO Sanjay Jha recently suggested would happen. The new version 3.4′s available as a software update in the Market right now, so grab it if you’ve got your Droid handy.

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