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Newest JXD A21 1080p Colour eBook Reader with 6.0 inch Touch Screen and HDMI


JXD A21 1080p Colour eBook Reader with 6.0 inch Touch Screen

JXD A21 is the latest color ebook reader with HDMI interface. Comes with 6.0 inch TFT touch screen, 800×480 pixels. A21 is color ebook reader that compatible with TXT、PDB、PDF、HTM、HTML、CHM、UMD、EPUB and FB2 formats. Advanced flip effect, 3D effect as iPad. Support TTS reading, font, size, color etc. settings. It Support RM、RMVB、AVI、MOV、WMV、MKV、VOB video files, support 1080p or 720p HD files playback.  HDMI interface that share videos with others. There are interesting Games, edictionary etc. built in.

Product page:

JXD A21 Colour eBook Reader Features:

  • 6.0 inch TFT touch screen, 800×480 pixels
  • Adopts 1080P CC1800 main chip, faster response and better video playback than 720P RK2729 chip
  • E-book reader:TXT、PDB、PDF、HTM、HTML、CHM、UMD、EPUB and FB2 formats
  • Support TTS reading
  • Support switch between vertical and horizontal
  • Advanced flip effect, 3D effect as iPad
  • Font, size, color etc. settings
  • Support RM、RMVB、AVI、MOV、WMV、MKV、VOB video files, support 1080p or 720p HD files playback
  • HDMI interface

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New Leather Case fit your iPad perfectly, Free Shipping


Product page:

Apple iPad PU Leather Case & 5 Class Stand Features:

  • High Quality Construction and stitching Leather case.
  • PU high quality leather case
  • With stand, 5 class adjustment
  • Designed with a kickstand to prop up your iPad while you watch movies, read ebooks or watch presentations!
  • Uniquely designed stand to view iPad
  • Cut outs allow access to Charge Port and Speakers, Headphones Jack and Volume can be accessed while in case

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Hands-on with Hulu Plus via Samsung HDTV, iPhone and iPad


After months of speculation the wait is almost over and Hulu Plus is just about upon us. Hulu was nice enough to share an invite with us so we could to try it out — sorry, we don’t have any extras — and we just so happened to have a Samsung LED LCD TV in the lab to give it a go. Of course, we also tried it the old fashioned way (in the browser) as well as via Hulu Desktop, on the iPhone, and on the iPad — sadly it isn’t live on the Xbox 360 or PS3 yet. The bottom line is it isn’t perfect, but doesn’t disappoint either, and you’ll have to click on through for the rest.

Apple starts rolling out international iPad pre-orders


What’s that, you say? The iPad pre-order button is now propagating itself over on Apple’s global assortment of online stores? The Australian retail is already taking your hard-earned change, while we just saw first-hand the UK variant go down, go up with an iPad pre-order icon on the front page, then subsequently hidden again behind a yellow sticky note within minutes of this writing. We imagine the rest of the stores will be following suit (if they haven’t already). Ladies and gentlemen of the pro-Apple persuasion, better double check your bank accounts — in case you forgot, the full launch is May 28th.

Free Shipping Apple iPad Maclove Shine Protective Case


Apple iPad Case

Product page:

8 different colors, all Free Shipping to Worldwide.

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Apple names April 30th, 5PM as date and time for 3G iPad retail launch


There was a bit of confusion with Apple’s online store update yesterday as to when the 3G version of its iPad will actually make its retail debut. Let that fog of ignorance be no more, as Cupertino has today named April 30th, a Friday, as the day the WiFi + 3G slate will arrive in stores. In American stores, that is, don’t get all excited if you live outside the 50 states. That’s also the date when early (read: before yesterday) pre-orders will be fulfilled. Deliveries for those were promised for “late April,” though clearly this date has more of the late and less of the April to it.

Will it blend? iPad edition (update: he cheated!)


Getting sick of the iPad? Then let our old friend Tom Dickinson do what he does best. If you’ve somehow missed all of his Blendtec videos in the past, be warned that they aren’t for the faint-hearted gadget fanatics — especially this latest edition where Tom forcefully folds the pad to fit it into his gadget muncher. When you’re ready, march on for some “pad smoke” after the break.

Update: Commenter ernie pointed out that the aluminum back was missing when Tom folded the iPad. Come on, Blendtec, just blend the metal already!

Dead iPad battery? Never mind replacing it, Apple just sends another iPad for $99


Whoa, Nelly! Isn’t this something? Apple has just posted details on its iPad battery replacement service, which is really not a battery replacement service at all. Check out the company’s opening line:

“If your iPad requires service due to the battery’s diminished ability to hold an electrical charge, Apple will replace your iPad for a service fee.”

Now, let’s compare that to the verbiage found in the iPhone’s battery replacement program details:

“If your iPhone requires service only because the battery’s ability to hold an electrical charge has diminished, Apple will service your iPhone for a service fee.”


iPad orders start at 8:30AM tomorrow morning


We knew iPad pre-orders were starting tomorrow, but know we know exactly when all you lovable crazies have to stumble out of bed and transmit your credit card numbers to Steve’s brain: 8:30AM ET, or 5:30AM on the West Coast. We generally recommend a bed shaker alarm clock, but hey, let’s not pretend we haven’t all turned a few long nights into tomorrow with our old friends Jackie D and Mistakes. See you on the other side, chochachos.

First iPad ad premieres during the Oscars


Apple’s doing the Oscars up right tonight — not only was Steve Jobs making friends on the red carpet, but the company ran the first iPad ad just now during the broadcast. It’s pretty much what you’d expect out of an Apple ad, but, you know, more magical. Get ready for a blitz of these as we lead up to April 3.

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