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iPhone 3GS drops to $99, 8GB only — iPhone 3G discontinued


We’ve already seen the iPhone 3GS drop to under a $100 at Walmart, and Apple has now expectedly made that the official price point following the announcement of the iPhone 4. What’s more, the 3GS will now only be available in an 8GB version (it’s still not clear if both colors will be available or not), and that naturally also means that the iPhone 3G is now officially discontinued. Of course, there’s also still quite a few of the current iPhone 3GS models floating around out there, and AT&T will be doing its best to clear those out — you can now grab a 16GB 3GS for $149, and a 32GB 3GS for $199 on a two-year plan “while supplies last.”

iPhone 3GS mod ditches plastic cover in favor of titanium vestment


Engadget reader Martin Schrotz is a man after our own hearts. He’s taken the editors’ choice for best smartphone of 2009 and tricked it out with a handsome new back cover made out of titanium. Not sufficiently pleased with the plastic casing provided by Apple, Martin opened up his favorite CAD program and refashioned his phone into the much hardier and indubitably more awesome machine you see before you. The new backing is built out of a titanium alloy that allows RF waves through and therefore requires no plastic parts to let the wireless communications flow. Check out the gallery for more before hitting the link below to bug Martin to provide you with a video or a price estimate.

iPhone 3GS Supreme is diamond encrusted, spectacularly expensive


Seeing as how the iPhone’s exclusivity status has been slipping, it was inevitable that the bourgeoisie would invent a new way to distinguish themselves from the lowly masses. Enter a designer by the name of Stuart Hughes, already expertly familiar with slapping precious metals onto slightly less precious mobile phones. He classes up a 3GS handset with a 22 carat solid gold body, which he then sprinkles with no less than 190 diamonds. And just to make sure none of the riff raff can get their hands on it, this creation is priced at £1.92 million ($3.2 million), which places it precisely £1.92 million outside our budget. Completing the, erm, value proposition is a storage chest cut from a single block of granite, which you may peep after the break.

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