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LG goes nouveau nostalgic with first US Mobile DTV devices


LG just announced its first commercial products for the fledgling US Mobile DTV standard approved in October. First up is what appears to be a DTV-ified LG Lotus clamshell — a phone first introduced in 2008 but now capable of extracting digital TV from the aether with an assist from that telescoping antenna. Also set for a CES launch is that DP570MH portable DVD player that lets viewers watch up to 4-hours of ATSC-approved Mobile DTV broadcasts before heading back for a charge. LG’s also promising more ATSC Mobile DTV devices from Dell (laptops), Kenwood, and others including in-car receivers all using LG’s LG2160A ATSC-M/H tuner chip. Still, mobile antennas and DVD players… how can something so new feel so retro?

LG RoboKing adds second camera, seeks to escape Roomba shadow


We know, we know — the original Roomba saves children from peril, plays real-life Pacman, and steals its owners’ hearts away, but let’s give LG’s refreshed autonomous robovac a chance, shall we? Now equipped with two cameras (claimed to be an industry first) and lowering operational noise to a more bearable 50dB, the RoboKing is back in town and pining for your attention. It’s more compact than its previous iteration, stretching up to only 90mm, and it’s also said to be 30 percent faster on the job. Nice gains, to be sure, but we’d still like to see how this machine handles before we’re convinced.

LG’s pico projector-packing WinMo eXpo outed for AT&T


Hey — what’s that? Oh right, it’s the LG eXpo, the slider with a pico projector jammed inside. Among other things, the full QWERTY slider’s packing a 1GHz CPU, a 3.2-inch touchscreen, a 5 megapixel camera, a microSD slot, and of course that removable Texas Instruments projector. The just-announced handset bears quite a strong resemblance to the Monaco we heard about way back in May — though from the looks of it, its lost all of the brassiness we were so fond of. The eXpo runs Windows Mobile 6.5, and it will hit AT&T on December 7th for $199 after a mail in rebate with a two year contract — plus an additional $179 should you choose to opt in on that projector.

LG’s 15-inch OLED TV now blowing minds in South Korea

Call Daegu home? Just over in South Korea to visit and / or infiltrate the DMZ? Regardless of why you’re there, you’re probably interested in picking up LG’s latest, which has been tempting our retinas since IFA. Just as we’d heard back in late August, the aforesaid firm’s 15-inch OLED TV is reportedly now on sale in South Korea, and it’s packing a price tag of around ₩3 million ($2,598). By our count, this is just the second major, mass-produced OLED TV to hit store shelves anywhere in the world, but we’re hoping to see a lot more action in this space come CES. You TV makers are listening to our requests demands, right?

LG roadmap predicts ‘OLED panels will cost less than LCD panels in 2016′


Speaking at the FPD show in Japan, Won Kim, VP of LG Display’s OLED sales and marketing group laid bare its OLED plans for the future. Pretty significant as LG is one of only two players currently manufacturing production OLED TVs; though unlike Sony, LG has yet to ship anything — that bit of consumer magic begins in November. So here’s the deal: LG will release 20-inch and larger OLED panels in 2010, 30-inch and larger in 2011, and 40-inch and larger OLED panels in 2012. While 40-inch OLEDs will still be “fairly expensive” in 2012, Kim predicts that “OLED panels will cost less than LCD panels in 2016.” We’d love to believe that but it sounds overly aggressive to us considering the enormous investment panel manufacturers have made in LCDs (they’ll be milking profits just as long as they can) and new push towards 3D televisions. Besides, LG’s been all over the map with its OLED dates so let’s not go carving anything in low-temperature polycrystal silicon just yet.

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