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Best Buy Mobile will offer free smartphones, mostly Android, every day in December


Holiday spirit over in Best Buy land must mean “getting rid of old stock by discounting it.” The Droid Incredible and Xperia X10 are among the handsets to be featured in the big retailer’s December mobile sale, which will involve offering up four free phones each day (one for each carrier) at a price of $0 upfront and subject to the usual two-year agreement. LG’s Optimus T and Optimus S will also get their moment in the spotlight this month, though the discount there isn’t exactly massive when you consider that the S started life costing $50 on contract. Speaking of S-branded Android phones, wasn’t it Best Buy that first leaked out the next Nexus? Now that‘d be a holiday offer worth talking about.

What’s on Facebook’s mind? Mobile event set for November 3rd


Facebook’s made no official push into the smartphone universe — to date, we’ve been left using various mobile apps to connect with J. Timberlake, Marky Z. and the rest of the crew, but it looks as if the preeminent social networking site of our generation (ahem) is just about ready to clear the air on at least one issue. The invite above recently landed in our inbox, requesting our presence at “a mobile event at Facebook HQ” in Palo Alto, California. Naturally, we’ll be on hand from NorCal bringing you the blow-by-blow, and we’re interested to know what you think will be on deck. Will we finally see the Facebook phone that it quickly shot down? The Nexus Two with a borderline-criminal amount of Facebook integration? The resurgence of using pastel colored tin cans to connect Jane and Joe? Whatever the case, we’re sure It’s Complicated.

Concept ‘HTC 1′ is the phone we wish HTC would make


Designer Andrew Kim has cooked up a concept smartphone for HTC dubbed the “1″ that makes the company’s current offerings look, well… last generation. The device, built from a brass housing (coated in silver) eschews the phone-maker’s recent crop of fairly standard looking mobile devices for something decidedly more sophisticated — and cans the familiar Sense interface in the process. Not only is the shell of the phone rethought, the new UI (Sense mono) takes a cleaner, more thoughtful, high-end approach as well, joining Synergy like functions (combined messaging) with a Helvetica heavy interface that looks streamlined and mature. Some notable features of the hardware include stereo speakers (located at the top and bottom of the phone), a kickstand which is actually the bottom portion of the casing, and the lofty concept of a built-in UV light which kills germs on the surface of the phone while you charge up. As far as concepts go, this is one of the finest we’ve seen, so hit the source link below and take a look at the full spread.

Lenovo begins $200M buyback of Lenovo Mobile


Of the many trends in consumer electronics, today’s announcement by Lenovo highlights two of the biggest: 1) PC makers are desperate to get in on that handheld smartphone action, and 2) China is the place to do it with its 700 million mobile subscribers. That’s why Lenovo is putting up $200 million in cash and stock to reacquire its former mobile business sold to a group of investors last year; a move made possible by Lenovo’s recent return to profitability. Although Lenovo says its focus will be on the Chinese market, don’t be surprised when you see Lenovo branded handsets headed to downtown stores or your favorite high-street shops — assuming the deal passes shareholder approval, of course.

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