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How would you change Nokia’s N900?


Maemo 5 didn’t stand on its own for long before being mashed together with Intel’s Moblin, but Nokia’s N900 still stands as one of the best handhelds for web browsing. It’s hardly the world-beater that Nokia (may have) hoped it to be, but that’s not because the internals aren’t impressive. We’re guessing that only a handful of you made the effort to fork over wads of cash in order to pick an unlocked version up, but if you did, you no doubt have some opinions post-purchase. Is the display living up to your expectations? Are you and Maemo getting along alright? How’s that keyboard? We’re eager to know how you’d tweak the N900 if you had the keys to the design kingdom, and with MeeGo already being announced, we’re forbidding you from suggesting the obvious. Or you can, but we’ll be plugging our ears, closing our eyes and humming annoyingly.

Nokia 5230 Nuron excites the T-Mobile nervous system

The US will wake up to a fine howdy do from Nokia’s 5230 Nuron now that it’s officially announced for T-Mobile. The device first introduced by Nokia back in August will be available to middle America “in the coming weeks” on T-Mobile’s 3G network. And unlike yesterday’s wee C5, Nuron features a reasonable 3.2-inch, 640 x 360 (nHD) touchscreen for your Ovi Store apps and free Ovi Maps with turn-by-turn navigation to dance upon. Hell, it even has an onscreen keyboard if you want to do something productive like tap out a few emails, enter a URL to surf the web, or update your social networking status(es). While no price or specific date was announced, we’ve seen rumors of a 17 March launch for $70 on contract, or $180 without. Just remember that Nuron runs S60 5th; and with the improved Symbian ^3 touchscreen UI just around the corner (and no clear upgrade path) you’d better really want this device to make the jump whenever it does launch.

Update: Nokia’s own Joe Gallo has confirmed that the Nuron will sell for $69.99 on a 2-year contract at T-Mob.

Nokia serves North American X6 up for pre-order: $455 unlocked


Nokia’s downright seductive X6 just started shipping to those across the pond, and shortly after the company announced a Comes Without Music edition, along comes this: a NAM version for those who call North America home, sweet home. The pre-order page (which is live this very moment, by the way) makes no mention of a Comes With Music requirement, giving you complete freedom to shove whatever you darn well please onto what’s left of that 16GB after the OS install and a hidden ‘thank you’ note from Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo. So, is that $455 peeking out of your Fifth Pocket really that important to you?

Vertu taste on a Nokia budget: meet the N97 Mini Gold Edition


Phone manufacturers usually leave the gilding to jewelers and other specialty shops that are more willing to show complete disregard for taste and common sense than themselves, but once in a while, pure, unadulterated emotion gets the better of someone in a position to make product decisions — yes, even at Nokia — and something like this slips through the cracks.Meet the N97 Mini Gold Edition, which is pretty self-explanatory: it’s an N97 Mini with 18-carat gold on the important bits. It’s coming to Europe, the Middle East, and Asia at the beginning of next quarter; pricing in Poland will run 2,499 zloty (about $851) unlocked, which is a bit of a premium over the 1,999 zloty ($681) charged for the standard model.

Nokia X6 16GB announced, Comes Without Music

Nokia’s just announced a 16GB version of its crowd pleasing, capacitive touchscreen X6 to compliment the current 32GB model. As expected, the new handset offers many similarities to its sibling, including a 3.2-inch widescreen capacitive display and 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and a dual LED flash. Unfortunately, this device is Comes with Music-deficient, meaning that you’ll have to load tunes onto the device the old fashioned way (though it’s not like that ever seemed like a big deal to begin with). In addition to EA’s Spore, this bad boy includes Asphalt4 and DJ Mix Tour by Gameloft and an all-new Ovi Maps (with free walk and drive navigation, Michelin and Lonely Planet guides). Available in four colors, including black, white, white with yellow highlights, and white with pink highlights. Expect to see this one roll out sometime this quarter for a price to be announced.

Nokia Ovi Maps with free turn-by-turn navigation hands-on


Now that we’ve heard the big news from Nokia’s London press event, it’s only natural to get our hands dirty with the upgraded Ovi Maps. The preloaded map does indeed load much quicker than its old network counterpart, and hey, did we mention it’s free too? Enjoy the photos and video after the break with your breakfast.

Nokia N900 review


Today, Nokia stands at a fascinating fork in the road. Let’s consider the facts: first, and most unavoidably, the company is the largest manufacturer of cellphones in the world by a truly sobering margin. At every end of the spectrum, in every market segment, Nokia is successfully pushing phones — from the highest of the high-end (see Vertu) to the lowest of the low (the ubiquitous 1100 series, which as far as we can tell, remains the best selling phone in history). The kind of stark dominance Nokia has built over its competition certainly isn’t toppled overnight, but what might be the company’s biggest asset has turned out to be its biggest problem, too: S60. In the past eight years, Nokia’s bread-and-butter smartphone platform has gone from a pioneer, to a staple, to an industry senior citizen while upstarts like Google and Apple (along with a born-again Palm) have come from practically zero to hijack much of the vast mindshare Espoo once enjoyed.


Nokia Booklet 3G slips to $199 on contract ‘through the holidays’


Few people were debating that the $299 on contract price for Nokia’s Atom-powered Booklet 3G was a bit steep, but now it has fallen more in line with its closest competition thanks to a price drop at Best Buy Mobile. From December 13th “through the holidays,” the Windows 7-packin’ machine (which we just recently reviewed) will be available for $199.99 with a two-year AT&T Data Connect plan. Of course, there’s a good chance you’ll regret the decision to jump on this when the next-generation Atom hits at CES (which is happening, right Intel?), but hey, Santa’s got to do what Santa’s got to do.

Nokia shows off SNES on N900, quickly thinks better of it


A little bit of emulation is a basic rite of passage for a modern day device that allows open software development, and the N900 is no different. We first saw the device rocking some SNES way back in September, but apparently Nokia couldn’t pass up an opportunity to demonstrate the phone’s prowess and put up its own video of a few emulators in action. Unfortunately, while emulators are completely legal, the ROMs that run on them are rarely legit, and despite Nokia’s odd assertion in the video that “most publishers allow individual title usage provided that the user is in possession of the original title,” the phone giant has since pulled the video from the internets, and Nintendo is reportedly looking into the matter. Of course, N900 emulatin’ is still easy to come by from third parties

Nokia initiates shocking charger recall program (update: affects 14 million)


New Nokia owners take notice: Espoo just launched an “exchange program” for certain Nokia-branded chargers. (more…)

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