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HP Pavilion dv6z Quad laptop with AMD Llano innards goes on sale starting at $650


AMD’s Llano platform might not satisfy everyone’s power-lust when housed in a desktop, but stick one of these all-in-one beauties in a laptop and you’re good to go. The new HP Pavilion dv6z Quad notebook — one of 11 new Fusion-powered models from HP — is a case in point, having just arrived at the company’s online store. The base model promises battery life of up to almost six hours, “discrete-class” integrated Radeon graphics with 512MB of video memory, and a 1.4GHz quad-core processor that can be clocked up to 2.3GHz using AMD’s Turbo technology. Oh yeah, and there’s the real benefit of switching to AMD: that base configuration costs just $650, versus a minimum of $999 for the Intel-equipped dv6t. For the money, you’ll also get 6GB of DDR3 memory, a 640GB 5400rpm HDD, a 1366 x 768 display (yes, a glossy one), HDMI output, and a pair of USB 3.0 ports in addition to two of the USB 2.0 variety. We ought to clarify that the sexy steel gray version on the left will cost you $25 extra, but hey, who wants to be “umber gray?”

ITG xpPhone on sale at long last!


Feel like stretching the very definition of “phone” for the sake of functionality or sheer bravado? You get to be friends with us. We’ve always had a soft spot for ITG’s bizarrely conceived xpPhone, which does indeed run Windows XP, albeit the Embedded version, and the monstrous thing is now on sale after almost two years of teasing. It’s running for a mere $798 PayPal Bux in its 3G incarnation, $732 for 3G-free, and $666 (yes, that 666) for the 3G-less version with DOS instead of Windows. We could go on all day listing specs for this thing, so we recommend you hit up that source link and feast on them for yourselves — just make sure to have your PayPal login handy for when the irresistible nerdery of this thing reaches out and grabs you and never ever lets go.

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