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Samsung Rugby Smart review

Rugby Smart

Not every smartphone stakes its claim on speedy processors, huge gorgeous screens or slim and sexy physiques. Some take a relatively modest set of specs and add a little wrinkle to make them stand out from the crowd. The Samsung Rugby Smart is one such device. Though it adds Android to what we’ll now refer to as the Rugby Dumb, we can already tell you this handset isn’t for the spec snobs among you. But, if you’re more concerned with durability and tank-like construction, you might want to stick around a while. This AT&T-branded phone is built to mil-spec 810F standards, meaning it’s shockproof, dustproof and can be immersed in up to a meter of water for up to 30 minutes. If these are qualities you desire in a phone, meet us past the break to see how it stacks up against its competition.

How would you change Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1?


It’s been around in a few different hues, and has since grown into a TouchWiz UX kind of outfit, and we’re guessing it’s about time Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 found its way into our weekly HWYC feature. It’s undoubtedly the Android slate to beat, even today, but that doesn’t mean that it’s spit-shine perfect. For those who opted for this beaut, we’re keenly interested in hearing how your experience has been. Are you still satisfied with Honeycomb as a tablet operating system? Is the screen still wowing you? Any durability issues we should know about it? And if you had the keys to Sammy’s Design Kingdom, what would you do differently on the next Tab 10.1? Realign the aspect ratio? Go matte? Up the screen resolution? Speak up in comments below — and keep it sane, cool?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 European ban hearing to be held August 25th


No one was all that surprised when Samsung announced plans to fight the injunction granted by a German court that banned the sale of its Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Europe — what is perhaps surprising, however, is how quickly the wheels of justice are spinning on this one. The hearing, which was initially expected to take four weeks to get started, will be held on August 25th. A decision on overturning the ban is expected to arrive a few weeks after that date.

How would you change Samsung’s Series 9 laptop?


We know, Samsung already took the wind out of your “price cut!” sails, but hey — we’re pretty certain you’ve still got a few things you’d like to see changed on the altogether lovely Series 9. Sammy’s sexiest laptop to date has surely found its way into the homes of quite a few ultraportable aficionados, boasting a Core i5 chip, USB 3.0 and lovely all-in-one trackpad. ‘Course, even those enamored with the design have probably found a few chinks in the armor after a few month’s use, so we’re anxious to hear what you’d recommend Samsung do with revision B. Would you tone down the gloss? Arrange the ports any differently? Toss in a magnetic power connector? Boost the screen resolution? Voice your opinions down in comments below — it’s a free country, you know?

Strange clues hint at a new Samsung Galaxy S II running Windows Phone 7


The image above is unfortunately just a Photoshop special, designed to sucker you in. But there is evidence to suggest that a WP7 version of the overwhelmingly popular Galaxy S II might be just around the corner. What type of evidence, you ask? The numerological type: if you take the Galaxy S II’s model number, SGH-927, then add 10, you get “SGH-937.” Now, a device bearing that name has just cropped up at the Bluetooth SIG, and it’s reported to have exactly the same Bluetooth characteristics as a Mango Windows Phone 7 handset. Finally, we add some corroboration in the form of an obscure list of WP7 phones at Occasional Gamer, which also mentions the SHG-937. That leaves us just two possibilities: either WP7 is about be available on one of the best smartphones around, or it isn’t. Luckily, the occult rules of numerology state that you can pick whichever one you like.

Samsung Series 3 hands-on

Samsung Series 3 11.6-inch model

We were strolling around the Metropolitan Pavilion, enjoying the sights and sounds of Digital Experience, when, lo and behold, we spotted a pair of unfamiliar laptops gracing the thick black tablecloth at the Samsung booth. What you see above is just one member, the 12.1-inch model to be specific, of the as yet unannounced Series 3 line. These budget friendly lappies are anything but cheap looking or feeling. The entire lineup has followed in the footsteps of the Series 9, opting for soft brushed finishes that are, at the very least, metal-esque. Gone are the shiny plastics that made your notebook look like evidence at a crime scene. At the bottom end is a 15.6-inch model sporting a dual-core AMD A4 CPU and (oddly) a glossy display.

If you want to wipe the reflective sheen from that screen, jump up a notch to the $599 Core i3-sporting version. The 15.6 models reach all the way up to a quad-core Core i7 CPU for $819 and all the Intel varieties pack WiDi (as do the 12.5-inchers). The other sizes (11.6, 12.1, 13.3, and 14 inches) all sport the same premium finishes, solid keyboards, and pleasant touchpads, while being expected to be easy on the wallet. There are still some details to be worked out, and not all specs or prices are finalized but, while we wait for the official PR to roll in, check out our hands-on with the 12.1-inch and 15.6-inch models below.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 experiencing shipping delays, unavailable at some outlets


So, we knew the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was coming, but it looks like some shoppers eagerly anticipating the tablet’s arrival will go home empty handed today. We just received word from a Samsung rep that there have been “shipping delays to some stores in certain regions.” They went on to say, “We expect most retail locations to have inventory by tomorrow while supplies last.” That’s all we have at the moment, but we’ll keep you posted as soon as we know more.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 reviewSamsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 review


When we met with Samsung in late May, company representatives didn’t seem entirely sure that the company would meet the rumored June 8th ship date here in the US, but lo and behold, it’s done just that. The tablet’s launching at noon today at the Best Buy in New York City’s Union Square, and if you can’t make it up to the Big Apple, it’ll hit the rest of the nation on June 17th. But here’s the real question: is it worth making an effort to snag it on either date? The Galaxy Tab 10.1, much like its Limited Edition sibling that we reviewed last month, is ever-so-slightly thinner than the iPad 2, a slate that most sane individuals (and competitors, for that matter) would confess is the market leader today.

Naturally, everyone and their sister is gunning for Apple in this space, and Honeycomb’s the first mobile OS we’ve seen that has the potential to put any sort of damper on Cupertino’s ongoing rave. By and large, the consumer version of the Tab 10.1 is the same as the device launched at Google I/O, but there’s two key differences that we’ll focus on here: the tamed design, and the thoroughly different OS version (v3.1 here versus v3.0 before). Head on past the break for an in-depth look into both of those, but be sure to first take a gander at our Limited Edition review to wrap your noodle around the basics.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 will ship with Android 3.1 on board, said to be ‘a few days away’


Do you like Android 3.1? Do you like tablets slimmer than the iPad 2? You might want to talk to Samsung in that case, because the Galaxy creator has put those two features together on its Galaxy Tab 10.1 product page and has compounded the excitement with a tweet saying the tablet is mere days away. Now, there’s a bit of conflicting information here, because Samsung’s tweet actually promises Android 3.0, but the Tab 10.1 page clearly lists the harder, better, faster, stronger Android version as the one that comes with the slate. Additionally, our conversations with Samsung at Google I/O earlier this month indicated that the June 8th launch date that we’ve been taking as gospel until recently is a little shakier now, with a slight delay possibly being caused by the desire to install the latest Honeycomb on board. So maybe the tweet’s accurate in saying the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is coming in just a few days, it just depends on your definition of “few.”

Update: Another tweet from Samsung’s US account has reaffirmed that Android 3.1 will be the OS.

Official: Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab getting Gingerbread update in mid-May


After encountering a little hitch with its mid-April Gingerbread delivery, Samsung is now ready to boot up Kies for another try. The company has this morning released word that it intends to update its entire Galaxy S family line, starting with models in the UK and Nordic countries from the middle of this month. The rest of the globe, including North America, will follow suit “according to the regional plan.” Also benefiting from a Gingerbread upgrade will be the 7-inch Galaxy Tab, which already got a taste of Android 2.3 in Italy, and the company’s bevy of budget Galaxy devices, the Ace, Gio, Fit and mini. Read the full PR after the break.

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