Barnes & Noble offers 30 free e-books to switch to Nook -- that's one expensive carrot

It seems dangling deals to lure consumers away from competitors is all the rage these days, and Barnes & Noble has jumped on the make-the-switch bandwagon, offering $315 worth of e-books to prospective buyers of its Nook e-reader. Starting today, when owners of those other devices tote their current e-readers into a Barnes & Noble store and buy themselves a new Nook or Nook Color, they’ll get 30 free eBooks, with an apparent value of $315. Here’s the catch — because, you know there had to be one — Barnes & Noble’s won’t let you pick the books for yourself. Those 30 free eBooks will come pre-loaded on a 2GB microSD card. If you’ve got the taste of a corporate marketing team, and have been waiting for a reason to get in on the Nook action, check out the source link for more details. Full PR after the break.