We’ve never been on the volunteer cheerleading squad for FM transmitters; in our experience, they’re downright useless in cities or other areas that actually have a large amount of radio stations nearby. But we’ll hand it to New Potato Technologies — this may be the slickest implementation yet. The newly announced TuneLink Auto looks like a typical cigarette adapter charger at first glance, but within, there’s technology that accepts audio over Bluetooth and then sends it out over FM. This prevents users from having to connect a dongle of any kind to their iPad, iPod touch or iPhone, but the built-in USB port is actually capable of charging all three should you choose. There’s even a 3.5mm output jack for channeling the tunes to a 3.5mm input on your head unit, and the (necessary) accompanying iDevice app should hit the App Store soon for absolutely nothing. The hardware itself is available now from New Potato for $99.99, and it’ll hit “select retail locations” in a fortnight or so for the same amount.