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Nintendo’s Iwata talks about Wii U’s place in the living room

Nintendo took some inspiration from the TV remote for its Wii controller, and it apparently thinks its new Wii U controller could well be the “TV remote of the future.” That’s just one tidbit from All Things D‘s sitdown with Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, who also talked more broadly about the Wii U’s new role in the living room. As evidenced by E3, that will include catering to more hardcore gamers than the Wii did, but Iwata says the Wii U is also an effort to take some of the couch time back from folks playing games on tablets, smartphones or laptops. To that end, Iwata says that Nintendo’s mission is to “shorten the distance between people and gaming” and remove some of the barriers involved with console gaming, further adding that it’s also trying to “reach out to the people who are not interested in video games.” Though it’s not saying much about it, Nintendo’s no doubt hoping to win back a few investors as well. As you may have noticed, the company’s stock slipped significantly following its E3 announcement and, while it’s bounced back a bit since, it’s still well off its Wii-fueled heights of recent years.

Nintendo ships Wii Classic Controller Pro to sweaty-palmed Americans


Nothing like coming through on a promise, right? You bet. If you’ll recall, the Big N assured us all back in January that the jumbo-sized Wii Classic Controller Pro would begin shipping to America in April, and sure enough, that’s exactly what it has done. After giving the Japanese a few months head-start, both the white and black accessories are now shipping from none other than Amazon for the tidy sum of $19.99 apiece. And yes, gift wrapping is available for a nominal fee.

Netflix for Wii now ‘fully available’ to all users

Netflix discs have already been shipping out to quite a few Wii users for a couple of weeks now, but Nintendo and Netflix have only just now finally announced that the discs and service are “fully available” to all users as of today. So, if you weren’t among the rather large initial group, you should be receiving your disc any day now (if you haven’t already), and you can of course still request a disc from Netflix if you haven’t done so — assuming you have a Netflix membership, that is.

Mad Catz makes the Wii a fighter with moddable FightStick


The Wii may not be the console of choice for most fighting game fans, but it is starting to earn a bit more respect with the release of Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom and, just as importantly Mad Catz’s new Arcade FightStick to go along with it. The best news, however, is that like Mad Catz’s fightsticks for other consoles, this one is moddable for those that prefer some arcade authentic parts, and it even packs a few features not found its Xbox 360 and PS3 counterparts. Most notably, that includes a toggle switch that will let the arcade stick control either the d-pad of the classic controller or the left or right analog stick, meaning you’ll also be able to use it with an array of Virtual Console titles. Look for this one to set you back $80.

Nyko Charge Base IC for Wii now shipping

Nyko‘s just unleashed its latest charging base for Wii controllers. This newest unit makes use of induction charging, so you can dispense with the sleeves, and just throw your contollers or Wands straight onto the dock for charging. The controllers are attached to the dock via magnets, and it also boasts a USB port for charging up other devices. The Nyko Charge base comes with two battery covers that are compatible with both Wiimotes and Nyko’s own Wands, as well as two rechargeable battery packs. It’s available now at Sam’s Club and Amazon, and retails for $39.99. Full press release is after the break. Also, be on the lookout — we’ll be giving away five of these puppies on Black Friday (among many, many other things).
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